Tuesday, July 19, 2011

iPadded Couch

I want my iPad to be a Universal Sketchbook, something on which I can do everything from precise ink-style drawings to painting-like color sketches. My favorite art app so far is "Art Studio," which is built like Photoshop and can do quite a lot of the same things. Another good thing about the iPad as sketchbook is that it is lit up while it works, so you can sit in a dim place and still do a drawing. I sat in my friend's very tasteful mid-century modern living room and sketched her couch, as well as her geometric abstraction pillow and her newspaper and book. I am hoping to get more and more precise with this technique so that I can do anything from fake "plein air" to highly realistic renderings.

1 comment:

meowhair said...

Nicely iPadded! It is fitting that you give the abstracted sketch to the mid-century modern furniture.