Saturday, July 9, 2011

Village Winery Rustic Paradise

Of all the wineries I've visited in the last couple of years, Village Winery in historic Waterford, Virginia has one of the best buildings and grounds. It's a rustic paradise with a patio and meadows, views of peaceful vines and orchards, and a simple wooden tasting shed. When I showed the owners my drawing that I did on their site, they asked whether I could do a portrait of their building and wine sipping area, for publicity display on their wall. Certainly I could, and here it is. The wineglass in the front contains one of the Village specialties, apple wine, hence the apple next to the glass. This apple wine is joyous nectar and if my art is accepted by the wine folks, I will receive a case of their products, which include not only conventional grape wines but apple and elderberry wines as well.

"Village Winery" is watercolor on heavy paper, 17" x 13", July 2011. Click on the picture for a somewhat larger view.

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Tristan Alexander said...

Nice, as usual you make buildings look great! I am sure they will love this!