Monday, July 25, 2011

Wine Pavilion

This is part of the inking on a piece I am doing for the owner of a winery in the countryside. It is a concept sketch for a major building project at his winery. He is building a wine barrel cave which will be excavated from the side of a hill. Over and around the cave entrance will be an imitation mountain made of big rocky boulders piled up. There is an open gravel parking lot in front of the "mountain cave" and on the border of the lot will be the trellis pavilion depicted here. Vines will grow along the planks of the canopy and give shade to the wine sippers who will sit underneath. I have just begun coloring this whole scene and when it's done you will see it.

Technical pens on Fabriano paper, about 7" x 5", July 2011. Click on the pic for a bit larger view.

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