Wednesday, July 27, 2011

To Kill the Undead

Over the years of its existence I did many illustrations for "Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine," a well-produced publication which showcased work by semi-pro and professional artists and writers. I was especially connected with the "Lythande" stories by Marion, which told tales of her cross-dressing wizard Lythande. This character was a woman who had snuck into the all-male guild of magicians by pretending to be a man. She was discovered and her punishment was that though she could continue to be a wizard, she would always have to disguise herself as a man and never reveal her true gender. In this story, Lythande must stop a zombie from terrorizing a village. This image illustrates her final victory over the zombie. How do you kill something which is already dead? By magic.

"To Kill the Undead" is ink on Bristol board, 7 1/2" x 5", March 1994.


Tristan Alexander said...

Nice graphic illustration!

Joel said...

Very dark! I love how the wrist and soul (???) are intertwined. Almost can't tell who has got a hold of what! :)