Sunday, July 24, 2011

Torrid Weather, Dry Mill

100-degree weather won't stop me from going to wineries. And it didn't stop anyone else, either, as the bachelorettes and the birthday girls were having fun at Dry Mill Winery near Leesburg, my destination for Wine Saturday. I tasted the offerings inside their comfortably air-conditioned tasting lodge, which had once been a stable for the Hunt Club. The owner and his family were there giving tastings, as is often the way with Virginia wineries. I especially enjoyed their classic oaked Chardonnay, as well as their Chambourcin, which is made from an American/French hybrid red grape. Dry Mill's wine porches and grounds are wide and pleasant even in the simmering air, and I sat on a porch to do this week's drawing. I didn't take my colored pencils because I was afraid they might melt in the heat, since they are wax-based leads. The color here was added later in Photoshop. I tried on iPad too, but I'm still not up to By-Product level on the drawing and painting apps yet.

Original drawing is black fine Pitt technical pen on sketchbook paper, 9" x 6".

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Joel said...

Lovely! The colour in particular really give it that extra spark. At first I didn't notice the flowers but when I looked again they jumped out at me. Surprise = good :)