Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chef Miriam's Outdoor Kitchen

Another wine Saturday, another feast of gourmet food with Chardonnay, and friends to drink with; it almost makes me feel guilty. We were at Casanel Vineyards, a small but impressive winery near Leesburg, VA. Clouds threatened but the rain didn't drop till after we had left. Casanel is run by a family along with helpers. The presiding food expert is "Chef Miriam," a Scottish lady who creates various tasty treats to match with Casanel's wines. Miriam does the cooking under a new wooden trellis canopy just built on the patio of Casanel's tasting lodge. She has a pizza oven which (who?) she has named "Rita." I ate one of Miriam's herb, mushroom, bacon, and goat cheese pizzas. The only difficulty about eating so well is that you get olive oil on your fingers so you can't draw until you've cleaned your hands off.

Original drawing in Pitt black pen on sketchbook page, 8" x 6".

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