Sunday, August 21, 2011

Village Winery Lawn

I took another sip of nectar from the rustic Village Winery on a bright August afternoon. I sat inside their tasting shed to avoid the rustic yellowjackets and flies. My pink drink was a mix of apple and elderberry wine. The Village people (not THOSE Village People) are also about to release a raspberry and apple wine, definitely for dessert purposes. I met a group of wine tourists from south-central Pennsylvania, apple country and not devoid of wineries. They were fascinated as I drew this color sketch of the lawn and landscaping on the iPad.

If there's something new and colorful in the art materials department, I'll probably buy it just to try it out. I just got another art app for the iPad and let's see what this one does. The drawing above was done in ArtStudio but this new one is Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and it seems more elaborate. I also wonder why I seem to be doing only sketches from observed "reality" and nothing fantasy-oriented. Maybe I need more wine.

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