Monday, August 22, 2011

Leesburg Log House

I did this drawing while sitting on the tailgate of my car in downtown Leesburg, on one of the streets in the "historic center." I guess it's historic enough for Anglo settlers, being founded in the 18th century. The sign on this log house claims it dates back to about 1700. I love this area of Virginia with its old architecture and all the wineries and the mountain views, and if I could find some sort of work that wasn't too awful I'd move there.

My ink drawing here is inspired by the work of Belgian architect and artist Gerard Michel, who spends his time drawing buildings all over Belgium and the rest of Europe. He is always on site despite miserable weather and his perspective is impeccable. I would like to do just what Gerard Michel does, that is, draw pictures of buildings and other stuff every day. But then Belgium is a place full of artistic genius because I would also love to do work like the Belgian sequential artist Francois Schuiten who along with the writer Benoit Peeters has produced brilliant surrealistic graphic novels. Both of these guys are big inspirations for me.

"Donaldson's Log Cabin" is about 8" x 10", ink on sketchbook page.

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