Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Vineyard

Virginia's vineyards near me are mostly on sloping land in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains. Situated as they are, the wineries all have beautiful views. This is inspired by "Naked Mountain" winery, a place I often visit. The last time I was there I saw an area of nakedness where an older vine patch had been. The wine folk told me that the older vines were unproductive and they would be planting new ones there next year. This is my visualization of the baby vines, in the golden evening light of just-before-autumn, with the Blue Ridge in the background. While I was doing this picture, Hurricane Irene raged outside. I am amazed that my electric power is still on so I'd better blog quickly.

"New Vineyard" is watercolor on Arches paper, about 11" x 8", August 27, 2011.


emikk said...

....or maybe an earthquake?

Pyracantha said...

Emikk: We got a lot of yuks from our California friends about the shaky situation but believe this, it was pretty scary for people who had no experience of something like it.