Friday, August 5, 2011


This sketch was done on my iPad running the "Art Studio" app, on a wine deck in bright sunlight. This was at "Naked Mountain" winery and vineyard, a place I often go, that combines natural beauty and views with excellent wines. As I poked at the screen, hummingbirds swarmed around a feeder hung from the eaves. I wondered what would happen if they replaced the sugar syrup in the feeder with wine. Would the hummingbirds get drunk and careen around madly? Would they reject it? Or would it be dangerous for them? I love watching them, they are so feisty for something so small.

I am still learning how to sketch with the iPad. One thing I have to watch for is color brightness and saturation, especially if I'm drawing in sunlight. The screen is dark compared to a page of white paper and I am sometimes misled into using brighter colors than are really there in view. In this sketch I imported it into Photoshop and reduced the saturation to make the colors more realistic. Even so, the scene was pretty bright. If I'm going to make "plein iPad" art I will have to take color shift into consideration. Naked Mountain's riesling is a very nice accompaniment to iPad sketching.

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