Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Modernist Wine Building

While most wineries make do with a rustic re-purposed barn, a woodsy traditional lodge, or a restored old house, Cooper Vineyards in Louisa, VA built themselves a slick modernist wine hall with all the features of 21st century eco-responsibility. Their wood is "sustainable" or recycled from older structures, their stone from local sources. Their power comes from an array of solar cells mounted at the side of the building. The architect, Michael Pellis, is a certified LEED (ecologically immaculate) practitioner.

When I visited, there was no one else visiting but me, since it was on a weekday afternoon. I painted from their deck and sipped Cooper's dry-ish rose. Then I went outside and sat on the tailgate of my artistic car to do this view of Cooper's wine home. Maybe we'll see more of these modernist wine edifices as Virginia wine becomes more and more popular and well-funded.

Drawing is in ink and colored pencil, about 8" x 8", August 11, 2011.

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CarrieCat said...

I enjoyed seeing some of your art! My folks had a weekend place for a time in VA and your scenes remind me of the greenery and landscapes, and yes, the Virginia wineries too. It's great to know Cooper's is sustainably built, if I have a chance I'll make my own trip there!