Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jedi Jawa

One of my co-workers is a gamer who plays desktop, video, and role-playing games. One of his games is based on the "Star Wars" universe, where a lot of unusual combinations take place that even Lucasfilms wouldn't imagine. This character is one of the rodent-like scavenger creatures, the "Jawas," who somehow broke away from his desert-dwelling species to take Jedi training and become a Jedi Knight. He also got a suit of high tech armor to wear under his Jedi robes. I am practicing my digital illustration skills by portraying this character. My young co-worker is all too happy to provide me with ideas for my practice. My own imaginary world isn't as fantastic as those gaming or movie worlds. Yes, that is a robot head under his arm. Jawas like to collect parts of stuff, even when they're Jedi's.

Photoshop, about 6" x 7", August 27, 2010. This will re-appear later in a color version.

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