Saturday, September 3, 2011

Alchemical Teen Titans

Some of you who know superhero comics from decades past will remember the "Teen Titans," a team of youthful heroes who banded together to fight demons and villains and other bad guys. This was just before comics got "dark" and "realistic" and full of brutality. These graceful boys and girls still wore bright costumes, drawn by the master George Perez and later by the equally masterful Jose Luis Garcia Lopez. (My huge admiration to Wikipedia for having such highly detailed articles on these "insignificant" pop figures and artists.)

I had a friend who was not only a big comics fan but esoterically minded. At one point she conceived of an alchemical correspondence between the traditional "Four Elements" and four of the main team of Teen Titans. "Cyborg" the steel machine man was Earth, "Starfire" the alien babe was Fire, "Nightwing" the former sidekick of Batman was Water, and "Wonder Girl," the young sister of the Amazon Wonder Woman, was Air.

My friend told me about this piece of comic book esoterica and asked for a rendering of the characters with their respective Elemental symbols. I did this and gave it to her for a Christmas present.

"Teen Titans as Four Elements" is watercolor on illustration board, 14" x 11", December 1990.

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