Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Halloweenie Pumpkin Cat

More work for Trader Joe's in my series of Cutesy Halloween Characters. I was given sample graphics and told to adapt them, so I did. The original graphic had a cartoon cat emerging from a pumpkin but you couldn't see what was going on, so I re-created it. The cat has a "tuxedo" black and white pattern, and is (sort of) wearing a traditional pointed "witch" hat with the top flopped over. The design has a shaped edge, done by cutting out the contours from a Masonite board.

I thought I couldn't do cartoony stuff but I guess I can. I have to remember to do the big grinning smiles and make them happy, and also make big eyes which focus. Cartoons have fewer lines and are less complex than "regular" illustrations so you have to make sure everything fits with what you are trying to do.

My "Halloweenies" are unexpectedly popular among my co-workers. The boss likes them, too. Who knew?

"Pumpkin Cat" is about 3 ft. by 2 ft., acrylic spray paint and markers on Masonite board, September 2011.

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Amanda said...

I think it's really a hat-shaped UFO hovering behind the cat. But it's definitely a cute sign! I seem to recall some cartoony stuff from many years ago, too...