Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fashion Figure Digital Drawing

"Blogger," the hosting service for this blog and zillions of others, gives you a "Stats" feature where you can see just which posting people look at, and how many visits your blog has, and where these visitors come from. And when I look at this, I would expect people to visit my more successful and spectacular postings, like my panorama of Surakosai city or my vintage fantasy scenes. But no, most of the visits seem to occur at my mediocre and sometimes outright bad figure drawings. What's with that? Somehow, Google and other devices lead people to my attempts to do fashion or figure drawings. Yes, some of them feature nudes, but there are so many more drawings of naked
people than mine, I should get no visits at all from people who simply wanna see someone naked. Is it the word "Fashion" or "Figure" in the title? This may be part of it, as people always want to look at (clothing) fashions. But some of these visits are just incomprehensible. I post this as an experiment. It has the keywords in the title, a bad figure drawing, and mostly meaningless text. The drawing is one of my many attempts to depict a human figure in digital "painting." Sooner or later I'll get it right enough that I can clothe my model in skimpy battle armor, so I can do the warrior babe pin-up I've always wanted to do. Now that's fashion.

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