Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Knighting at Tyr Moel

The Court of Tyr Moel assembled for a solemn ceremony: the knighting of one of their bravest warriors. Ricardo had started as a street fighter and roisterer, but had been swept up in the campaign and become a heroic figure in battle. Queen Kate chose him for knighting to reward him for his efforts. The Court convened at the Cathedral of Lowell, and all the characters assembled for the festivities. Here is a panorama of the Court at the moment of Ricardo's knighting, as Queen Kate dubs him with the great sword of the realm. Click on the picture for a larger view.

Everyone who I depicted on their card is here, along with their own heraldic devices all about the scene. Some of their cards, as I've explained, were not well-preserved enough to show. There are also people in this scene who belonged to the Court but who did not get a portrait from me. At left, in the throne area, you can see the two Companions of the Queen, including Kevin, a red-haired stalwart, and Nancy the unicorn girl. The Queen is in a lavender and purple gown with a silver tiara. Lisa, the Queen's Champion, stands proudly just behind the kneeling Ricardo. Various nobles and warriors stand behind the new knight, and up on the sheltered platform is a Tyr Moel trumpeter and Elizabeth the Herald, showing a banner emblazoned with many coats of arms. And if you look closely near the Queen, there's a figure swathed in a big black cape sparkled with stars, wearing a tall squarish headdress with one star on it. That's me, the cleric/wizard portraitist, with my monogram.

This concludes the retrieval of the art from the Court of Tyr Moel. This ceremonial court scene is ink and acrylic watercolor on illustration board, 18" x 10", August 1982.


Tristan Alexander said...

Love all the heraldry and just th whole pagentry of this picture!

Joel said...

I love this one Alto. The detail is amazing!