Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Exit Only Don't Enter

The Giant Coaster at Paragon Park made a beautiful singing noise as it went over the loop after its first thrilling dip. I heard it many times as I drew the machinery and signs of the amusement park midway. This yellow machinery and artless but effective sign belonged to the "Skylark" ride, on which you traveled in a dangling chair rather like a ski lift as you were wafted around the park high above the ground. I can still smell the fried fish at the food vendors' stalls. 

Retrieving even this imperfect image from the slide took more than an hour's work. I may have the original art buried somewhere in my files, so maybe I should look there and not struggle with Photoshop.

Original art is something like 11" x 8", ink and watercolor, late 1980. Click for larger image.

EXIT ONLY. You may have noticed that my other blog, "Electron Blue 2," has disappeared. Something else, familiar to some of you, will occupy that blogspace. Please stay tuned...

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