Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My First Mecha

Mechas, for those of you who don't have much knowledge of pop culture, are warrior robots. They usually are in the form of a humanoid or a quadruped, they walk like a mechanical version of a living creature, and are loaded with weapons. But not all mecha are the same. Some are more biomorphic than others, some less. I have never before now attempted to create and depict one of these fighting robots, so this little drawing is my very first try. Instead of the usual human-like tall figure, I've given this one a low profile, which would be harder to topple over. And unlike the walkers, this one has wheels, and it's not only not bi-pedal, it has three wheels which can turn 360 degrees very quickly. Its upper body also pivots at the waist. I have noted that most of the "conventional" mecha are only armed and effective from the front, leaving their backsides undefended. This one can attack from any angle. I would imagine that this is a small machine, made for combat in built-up areas, rather than on a battlefield. it would be no bigger than an SUV, and probably could easily find a parking space, or demolish the SUV to obtain its parking space. 

Pitt black brush marker and drawing markers on sketchbook page, about 4" x 3", January 26-27, 2013.

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