Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Keep Hands On Bar Til Ride Stops

This one took quite a long time as you can imagine. I must have spent hours getting all those metal coaster struts and supports correct. This is a small metal coaster, called the "Galaxi," at old Paragon Park near Boston. You can see the ghostly figures of the crowd moving on and off the ride, and the only figure with color is the ride operator with the red shirt in the center right of the picture. The color slide of this picture is badly faded and it took a lot of Photoshoppage to get it as visible as it is. I didn't use watercolor for this, but colored pencil over an ink drawing, the same technique I sometimes use in my winery pictures, and the image was done entirely on site.

Metal "Galaxi" Coaster is ink and colored pencil on Fabriano paper, about 12" x 10", summer 1979. Clikonthepic for a somewhat larger view.

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Tristan Alexander said...

That would have driven me nutts! Good job!