Monday, January 21, 2013

Little Warhammers

I drew these Space Marines in my journal. They're only a few inches tall but I tried to convey the massiveness of the armor they wear. In the tabletop game, the warrior pieces are only about as big as an ice cube! According to the Warhammer 40K Wiki (an amazing compendium of imaginary information and illustrations) this exoskeletal powered armor is able to enhance the movements of its wearer so that even though it may weigh a ton, he can still run and jump while wearing it. Marines on the ground need to be fast and agile, so as a fantasy designer I want to convey not only brute strength but speed and stealth. At the same time the armor is emblazoned all over with heraldic designs as well as magical runes and symbols of devotion. The helmet masks of both "good" and "bad" characters must be frightening and hyperaggressive. Sometimes I wonder why I enjoy this gruesome world of eternal warfare so much. Why am I not into Regency romances or Facebook "inspirational" glurge. Stay tuned as the Chaos Space Marines pulverize Downton Abbey.

Fine point Pitt drawing pen on sketchbook page, January 19-20, 2013.

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