Saturday, January 19, 2013

Spinning Cups of Paragon Park

I have re-activated an old scanner that my aunt handed down to me, and so can scan slides again. This installation was quite a job, and I don't think the quality of the scan is as high as the one I just lost, unless I boost the resolution to unwieldy levels. Also, this "old" (2007, is that old??) machine will only work with my "old" PC laptop (is 2004 old??). Anyway, I'm buying a new dedicated slide scanner which will work with my fresh little Macintosh...or else.

Back in 1980 through 1982 I frequented beachside amusement parks with my old friend R. the roller coaster enthusiast. While she knocked herself out on the coaster, I sat and sketched the design marvels of the midway and the rides. I added color with watercolor pencils and later additions of watercolor. This is one of the tamer rides at Paragon Park near Boston, the spinning cups suitable for small children. In the background behind the red and yellow burst is the high loop of the famous wooden coaster, which is still transporting people at Six Flags America near the Metro DC area.

Paragon Park picture is about 14" x 11", ink and watercolor on thick paper, summer 1982.

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sally said...

I love the spinning cups rides, and bumper cars, and all sorts of weird crazy things at amusement parks. Scared the hell out of Fuzz in a bumper car once too:-) I like roller coasters, but have to choose which ones are safe for my eyes. More amusement park pictures would be delightful.