Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fiery Hairy Dragon

I guess I've always been doing pictures of dragons, of varying quality. This one combines my love of volcanoes with dragons. Note that the lava flow from the top of the cone in the background becomes the tail of the dragon. Also the dragon is hairy rather than scaly, which my dragon books tell me is acceptable. The dragon hair must be made of something unburnable though, perhaps mineral or glass fibers. 

After receiving comments from four of my faithful readers, I have decided to go with version "D" of my dragon and refinery concept. Most of them liked this one, though there was a vote for "A" as well. "D" seems to fit the idea the best and allow for an interaction between the dragon and the refinery flare. I am very thankful to my artblog friends for being the Art Director. I will now work up a preliminary drawing for the piece.

The Lava Dragon here was originally titled "Call of the Dragon" and is (was?) colored pencil and opaque watercolor on brown paper, 7" x 10", fall 1998. I have no idea where this piece is now, or whether it even exists any more. That's what happened to many of the small originals I sold at conventions.

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