Tuesday, April 30, 2013


He may be Infinite, but his picture is tiny. I wanted to paint character portraits of superheroes in "realistic" acrylic renderings, and I wanted one with a complicated costume with lots of detail. "Infinity-Man" was a Jack Kirby creation, so that takes care of the costume design. This godlike extraterrestrial but humanoid character had an elaborate storyline and background which read like the scriptures of a mythological religion yet to be believed in. He could do practically anything including holding his own in a fight against Superman. Gods and humans die and are re-born, and Infinity-Man himself eventually dies (perhaps) in a titanic superhero battle.

I liked Infinity-Man because of the theology but also because he had golden (or brown) skin and African features. Superhero godlings are predominately white with red or blonde hair so to see one with a non-white ethnicity is a welcome event in comics.

"Infinity-Man" is acrylic on illustration board, 4" x 8", February 1986. I'm trying to do some of these in digital format, so far with unsatisfying results.


Tristan Alexander said...

I realy like this. My only critique would be that his shorts look like underwear and don't have enough definition (if you know what I mean) Infinity man seems to lack the goods!

Pyracantha said...

Y'know Tristan, I remember recognizing this character's lack of, uh, prominence when I did the picture. Also I was not satisfied with the musculature of the legs. However I was OK with the costume.