Monday, April 22, 2013

Knight at Twilight

Twilight doesn't have to mean silly teen vampire stories. It's romantic and Celtic and neo-medieval, like most of fantasy fandom. I used to toss off "generic" fantasy pieces to sell to people at conventions. This is one of them although it is not completely generic, it is inspired by the fantasy series of David Eddings, set in the usual medievaloid era. Behold, ye readers, how I wasteth my precious art time creating little pictures to sell at convegntiouns while I wouldst rather have created ye larger pieces for ye non-existent portfolio. Hopeth I that there mayst still be time for me to atone for my lazy ways so I might render unto Heaven the likes of art by Donato Giancola or Thom Tenery. Would that I could, oh mighty Photoshoppe, in which the whole world is bounded in a nutshell and yet is a kingdom of infinite space. Have a bit of wyne, it shall let me sleep without bad dreams.

"Twilight Knight" is ink and opaque watercolor on blue paper, 7" x 10", spring 1998.

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Tristan Alexander said...

Love it! May want a print of this one!