Saturday, April 13, 2013

"Multifarious" the little dragon

His name is "Multifarious." He crawls like a lizard, feeds like an iguana, can leap like a frog, has the beak of a bird, and a deadly stinger in his tail. He also has sensitive whiskers on his face and the sensor tongue of a snake. But this little fellow isn't over-mixed, he's just the product of imaginative evolution. He's about three feet long and that seems to be his mature size. He's a dragon but he doesn't have wings. On land, he's agile enough not to need them, and he's an excellent underwater swimmer as well. In the world of creatures, I'm the designer. So he's a creature made by a creature.

"Multifarious" is ink and greyscale markers on sketchbook page, 8" x 3", April 13, 2013.

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