Friday, July 19, 2013

Cherry Hill Concert Return

Last year I attended an outdoor concert by Andrew Acosta and his string band, just around this time. (The 2012 posting contains a link to the Acosta band site.) Thursday night they were back for their annual gig at the Cherry Hill evening concerts in Falls Church. I sat drawing and listening. First I drew this utility shed at the side of the music barn. Then I drew this colorful character sitting at the front of the audience.

He was wearing a Hawaiian shirt with pink flamingo images all over it, and a tropical pith helmet mounted with something....a gunsight? in front. This guy is Bobby Joe Small, a local banjo player and songwriter.

Gel pen ink on sketchbook page, the first about 5" x 4", second about 5" x 6", July 18, 2013.
Color added in Photoshop.

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