Saturday, July 20, 2013

Winery book sample page

I'm reconstructing and going ahead on preparing pages for my possible winery drawing book, which will present the best of the winery art I've been doing for the past few years. This page is for the "Village Winery" and is a proposed sample. Everything in this composition except the winery image can be changed. I looked for typefaces and originally thought that the well-used "Times New Roman" would be good for it, but then I found this lighter, breezier  1960s style font which I used for the lettering on this sample. I don't think my own sign-making writing would work well on this project, but I want a kind of "journal-book" look to it. Some of the pages wouldn't have type on them other than the title of the winery, its home town, and its web site. I have five different "parchment" or "wrapping paper" backgrounds and I intend to use all of them to add variety to the collection. 

I would welcome comments on any aspect of this sample. It may be hard to read the type and I have considered turning its color to black rather than dark brown. Or perhaps I need another typeface altogether. I like the irregular vignette around the painted image, that is the marvels of Photoshop at work. I could also change or edit the text if it seems too formal or it is too long. This time I saved the work on my external hard drive as soon as the sample was done.

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Rae Trigg said...

Very nice. I like the design so far. I actually didn't have any problem reading the text (and I'm reading it on a phone!). I think the design works well.