Monday, July 15, 2013

The Return of Paco's Tacos

I'm not much of a cartoonist, but I can provide when called upon. An assistant manager asked me to come up with a cartoon about tacos for a section featuring taco makings such as salsa, corn shells, seasoning, and even beer. As long-term readers of this Blog know, I worked at Paco's Tacos in Harvard Square back in 1979, serving 'em up and making artistic menu cards. I remembered the logo of Paco's, which was a jaunty pelican in a sombrero. Since Paco's Taco's of Massachusetts is long gone, I felt free to re-envision the logo for Trader Joe's. The cartoon will also be given to kids to color in, so I had to keep the drawing simple and also use "enclosed" areas which a kid can fill in with crayons. So "Paco the Pelican" lives again, but now he works for Trader Joe's. Note the taco in his wing "hand."

And here's the design colored in, not with crayons but with Photoshop:

"Paco the Pelican" drawing is marker on thick paper, about 8" x 11", July 14, 2013.

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