Monday, July 8, 2013

Purple Ascended Master

Once upon a time in the storied lands of Central Asia and Tibet, a Russian adventuress named Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was given secrets and spiritual powers to bring back to the West. When she returned, she came to America where she founded the Theosophical Society along with some other believers. After a while she and her group moved to India where Blavatsky revealed the presence of higher, humanoid intelligences known as the Ascended Masters. These beings had mystic powers and occasionally might show themselves to a worthy human on Earth.

When Blavatsky ascended herself, her successors elaborated on the hierarchy of the Masters and discovered (or invented) more masters. They built on Blavatsky's Theosophical cosmos to create a multi-layered and multi-colored world full of spiritual beings arrayed in their orbits and habitats and levels of enlightenment. These Masters came from all different cultures on Earth, anywhere from France to India.

A branch of Theosophy re-established itself in America, this time in the warm and welcoming climate of California. The Masters seemed eager to contact the Theosophical inheritors in the USA, now in their third generation of inheritance from the original. The Masters, in the California spiritual system, now lived inside the dormant volcano of Mount Shasta, in northern  California. They selected some individuals as contacts, and another generation of esoteric and occult traditions (or fiction) was born.

This majestic figure is one of the Ascended Master royalty, a family of superhumans who transcend the material world and inhabit the palaces hidden within the Mountain. I give each Ascended Master a different spectrum color; this one is Lord of the Purple Ray. The Chalice and the Staff show that this Master is both priest and King. 

"Lord of the Purple Ray" is acrylic and mixed media on illustration board, 6" x 10", November 1987.

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