Sunday, July 21, 2013

There's always time for a glass of wine

Well, I hope there's always time for a glass of wine. It says so on the winery sign. Lately I've been caught up in the prevailing attitude of more more more work and get more done, get more done, get more done. I never seem to get enough done, there's always more art to do, more laundry to do, more dust to remove, more of everything. I'm a good American so this is the way things have to be. Except maybe at a vineyard, where time slows down and sips taste fragrant and the sun lights up the meadows beyond the hedges where a fountain trickles. I was at another wine paradise on Saturday, "Old House Vineyards" near Culpeper, Virginia. Their Chardonnay is unique, with a flavor of fresh-baked bread. While sipping this wine with my friends I drew this sketch of one of the tasting rooms. There were people in the room but I left them out. Note the curtain swag in the center; it is in the next room over which was filled with sunlight. Sunlight and wine, an excellent combination. Now back to work.

Sketch is brown ink on sketchbook page, 7" x 4", shading tone added in Photoshop, July 20, 2013.

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