Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Dragon for 2014

My journal for 2014 will be illuminated in full color with ink drawing and markers. I don't have the Graphos any more but the Pitt technical pens will do well enough. I will be doing fantasy and other subjects as well as some "reality" drawings. The better ones will be seen on this Blog. My "year color" this year is Aqua, a kind of bluish green, so this is an Aqua Dragon. This drawing isn't perfect, the position of the right front leg is awkward, but I hope I'll have plenty of chances to perfect my dragon drawings. The text of my journal entry goes within a frame, another new feature I plan to experiment with. I am currently reviewing art projects and priorities for the new year.

Technical pens and Copic markers on sketchbook page, about 8 inches wide, January 1, 2014. Happy new year, everyone!

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