Monday, January 20, 2014

Little Dragon Spacefiller

When in doubt, draw a dragon. If you've already drawn a dragon, then add a floating or rolling eyeball. If I had more room, then I'd add the requisite naked woman as well. I stopped with the eyeball this time. This is a tiny drawing meant to fit into a tiny space not big enough to write a journal entry in. 

I deleted a digital piece that I was working on. Not just filed for further use, but outright deleted. It was yet another attempt at a bikini-wearing warrior girl. I had a fairly good reference model photo, but just couldn't get the art results I wanted. Everyone else in the fantasy art world depicts beautiful scantily-clad women in all sorts of roles, not just warriors but the whole lot of stock lady characters. I am constantly frustrated that I have not succeeded in making digital character portraits. When I look for online or podcast tutorials on doing digital art, what I get is a tremendously speeded-up sequence of how the artists proceed, with no explanation. I must go look at my how-to-do-digital-art books and see if I can learn something from paper pages. By the way, my deficiency in depicting people isn't just digital, my acrylics weren't so hot either. It's a mystery to me why I'm so good at drawing and painting buildings, but not people. I'm OK, but not great, at drawing dragons. 

Little dragon is ink and markers on sketchbook page, 4" x 2", January 20, 2014.

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