Friday, January 17, 2014

Pencil Urban Mall Sketch

Still hacking from this pernicious cold (or was it flu?) I dragged myself into the local mall for a little shopping. I also stopped at this snack bar for a croissant and a cup of coffee. While sipping and munching I drew this study of the snack bar and some architecture and storefronts. This drawing is an experiment for me because I drew it in good old pencil rather than my sharp pointed technical pens. Pencil has its own advantages and disadvantages. On the good side, it brings in a new feature for me: texture! I don't have to add in cross-hatching or dots or other simulations. I could even smudge it if I wanted. Also, pencil has a more varied point so I can draw thick and thin lines. I sharpen it whenever I want to get more precise. On the down side, pencil is messy, it generates wood shavings and graphite bits. And if I put my hand down on my drawing, it smudges it where I don't want it to be that way. But the best thing about pencil is that you can ERASE it. Yeah! If I miss an important architectural line, I can erase and re-do! Tech pen just doesn't know about that, though the iPad does. So, maybe you'll see more pencil work from me. 

Regular old #2 pencil on sketchbook page,  7" x 5", January 16, 2014.

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