Thursday, February 18, 2016

Coffee Drinkers in February

Even if the sun shines, it seems to be gloomy in February. We coffee drinkers and gadget users are sick of something, even if winter is especially mild here in Edge City. Characters present themselves in the brown-walled coffee palace. A glum woman with blonde ringlets wearing heavy metal headphones stares into America's Apple of her eye. A chrome-domed fast talker hits the airwaves at right. And at lower left, a portly young man talks with his Eastern Orthodox priest as he prepares for marriage to his fiancee who moved too quickly for me to draw. Just about every one of them has an electronic device of some kind. I lent my Cintiq to a friend sitting beside me while I draw with an old fashioned tech pen on old fashioned paper. That's right, not even an iPad. All characters though.

Tech pen black ink on sketchbook page, 5" x 8", February 17, 2016.

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