Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Construction Fail part 2

I wish I remembered what software-industrial concern ordered these illustrations, but I'm not sure I ever knew. The client is still around so I suppose I could ask her. Here instead of grinding the bolt down to size, the bolt gets stuck in the hole and breaks, dismaying and even endangering the construction workers. Note that I made one of the construction workers female. The personnel in this series of cartoons is a tech office group, not real construction workers. I have never seen a female construction worker in all my life and I wonder why with all the gender-diversity and gender-equality action going on in our world. I guess that construction work needs physical strength which usually women don't have so they can't work on sites. I've seen women helping at house-building for charitable work like "Habitat for Humanity," but not on high-rises or industry or commercial buildings. There are a whole lot of places where a male-only workforce is still required but people, even activist types, don't talk about it much. This article from 2014 does a good job explaining why so few women work in construction.

Ink brushwork on illustration board, 6 1/2" x 8 1/2", early '90s.

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