Saturday, February 20, 2016

Young Engineers Workshop

I went to an amateur engineers' gathering in Reston, VA. It was gaming night so they mostly weren't there to work with gadgets, but some of them were. They weren't all young, there were a few middle-aged folks as well and lots of snacks for everyone. I took the Cintiq on one of its first out-of-studio excursions (Starbucks doesn't count because someone else was using it). 

The Cintiqian must contend with various factors: reflected light on the screen, ambient light of room, and stability of tablet on its base. I want it to be propped up on a "kickstand" but as I have discovered, the kickstand given to me in the Cintiq package is poorly designed and collapses when I put hand pressure against it. I could place it flat on the table I suppose, or I could take my aluminum desk easel with me thus increasing the weight and bulk of the art gear. Anyway I got it to the proper angle using a roll of puffy quilting. I was able to add the nebulosity to the star scene in my current assignment and after that I made this "digital ink" drawing. The messy pile in the foreground is a backpack (not mine). The figure seen from the back is a young engineer. Many of the people in the workshop came up to me to watch the Cintiq in action. So I will have a few months of gadget status thrills before the Cintiq Companion 3 comes out with futuristic improvements. (Like a built-in kickstand? Are there even plans for a Cintiq Companion 3?) I'm very pleased with the digital inking settings, despite the unwanted pop-up menu.

Photoshop on Cintiq, 6 1/2" x 7", February 19, 2016. Tones added in Photoshop later.

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