Friday, February 12, 2016

Digital Dagny

Randworld meets Cintiq. I took a picture of a well-known TV player (Gillian Anderson in the revived "X-Files") and turned her into Dagny Taggart, Ayn Rand's railroad heroine. I'm still working on "digital inking." It's odd, though - whenever I try to do a Rand character portrait I end up making them wimpy-looking and rather nice, rather than the hard-faced ruthless egoists they're all supposed to be. Well, only the privileged and the geniuses are allowed to be ruthless egoists, turning the grand mill wheel of Capitalism with their hydropower. The rest of us are supposed to serve them as loyal and humble employees.

I have been reading - for the last two years - a delightful deconstruction of "Atlas Shrugged" by an Atheist blogger named Adam Lee. Every Saturday he puts up another blog entry on a following chapter of "Atlas." He's almost to the end of the book now and I hope he will publish the whole thing someday, along with the riotously funny satires of some of his commentators. Read it all here at the "Daylight Atheism" blog at "Patheos."

Digital Dagny is Photoshop on Cintiq, about 5" x 7", February 12, 2016.

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