Monday, February 29, 2016

Memory Landscape of Virginia

I got some new markers for doing sketching. These are water-based pen markers with a wide brush tip and a pen tip on the other end. I already have dozens of them but some of them are dried up or don't fit my color choices. The difficulty in water-based markers is that the colors fade so you have to keep your work covered. The more expensive water-based markers use pigment instead of dye so it might not fade as fast, but it still is not lightfast. This sketch of the Virginia countryside in winter (with leafless vines) was done with some of these new markers especially the grayscale and sepia ones. The most difficult color to find in these markers is light sky blue, which I used on the sky in this drawing. I'm always looking for light and pastel marker colors. I expect to do on-site drawing with these once I have sorted them out and stored them in a nice portable box, which is one of my favorite art things to do.

Markers on sketchbook paper, 7" x 4", February 29, 2016. This may be from memory but I assure you it looks just like the real thing.

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