Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Boxmaster Headers second set

Here are the rest of the chapter headers from my "Boxmaster" illustration series. Left upper: Shard box in channel. Right upper: "Boxmasters" logo, reminiscent of the famous CBS broadcasting logo. Left middle: Shard with special effects, somewhat like a Thor's hammer. Middle right: The "Pylant," the spaceship in which the main characters travel. Lower left, twin spacecraft. Lower right, Planet and stars.

The spacing on this is irregular and has nothing to do with how they would look in a final printed edition. Unfortunately nothing was done with these and after you see them all my "Boxmaster" designs disappear into cyber-obscurity. I like the style, however, and will probably do a few other illustrations like it if I get the chance and the time.

Black ink on illustration board using an old-fashioned Rapidograph and ink pen, each about 3 1/2" x 3 1/2", fall 1994. Click for larger view.

This concludes my presentation of the "Boxmaster" art that I did for Jacqueline Lichtenberg. There are two other pieces on my Blog archives here if you search for them. If you don't search for them, they will still be there.

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