Saturday, March 5, 2016

Lyrical Cat of Syracuse

I have friends in the "Cat World," the international community of cat breeders and exhibitors. They also love my art and I have done many commissions for them. This is one of them. They were running the annual cat show for TICA, "The International Cat Association." Since it was to be held in Syracuse, New York, they wanted a Greek-classical theme for the souvenir logo and program book and T-shirt art. (Many cities in New York State are named for ancient Roman and Mediterranean cities.) I came up with this Lyric Cat, playing in a bower of grapevines (another New York State feature). It was colored in and printed on a lovely T-shirt which I still wear sometimes, especially if I am visiting a winery.

Original is ink on illustration board, grapevines are clip art glued onto surface. About 8" x 10", 2005.

Note to reader(s): I just found a box full of my black and white archival material. So I can restore and share a whole lot of images before I have to worry about changing my posting schedule. If I repeat something, neither of us will know. On the first day of spring this Blog will be 8 years old. 

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Tristan Alexander said...

Since this looks like an anthropomorphic cat, this seems the best place to remind you that you should consider getting an account on Weasyl; It is heavy with Furry art but it is NOT just a furry art sight. I think some of the people there would love a lot of your art and you would like a lot of theirs.