Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Kallitechnia Panorama

You may remember (but probably not) the project I worked on with an engineer who made up a fantasy utopian civilization named "Kallitechnia." You can read the story of the project here, so I don't have to re-describe the whole thing. I am surprised that I've never posted most of the black and white illustrations I did for it. Or maybe I have and forgotten about it, duplicating it on this Blog but after 8 years I get forgetful. Anyway this piece was to be the front cover of the magazine-sized book, with the title up at the top in the empty area. The Kallitechnians lived in great big glass-domed climate controlled "arcologies" where the houses backed up on the domed area but also had land outdoors in the front. Kind of a cool idea but in reality it would be very expensive to create. At the center is a big grass playing field where people would play soccer or other games, as well as hold outdoor events and meetings and parties. Most of the people in Kallitechnia were young, healthy, and beautiful, with only a few older people as faculty or counselors, so it was kind of a college atmosphere, or at least a fantasy college atmosphere.

Original art black ink on illustration board, 11" x 14", February 1996. Klik for larger more utopian view.

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