Thursday, March 24, 2016

Outrageous Pringles

I was waiting for a friend at CVS pharmacy and so naturally I took out my sketchbook and drew what was in front of me, that is a store aisle and an advertising box (sometimes called a "dump") of Pringles snack chips. On the box was an ad that said "Pringles. You don't just eat'em, you DUCK LIP 'em." And there was a pretty boy who somewhat resembled (or maybe even was) pop star Justin Bieber. Justin had stuffed two Pringles in his mouth so it resembled a cartoony duck's bill.

In this current culture of outrage at the slightest hint of prejudice, as a privileged and prejudiced person myself I realized that this Pringles sign could be considered racist (or duck-ist) due to the "duck face" in the ad. Here comes "Outrage Duck," who as my representative is ultra-sensitive to cultural slurs. He (or she) should not only never eat Pringles again, but should demand that all these Pringles ads at the point of sale or anywhere else should be banned because they offend ducks. Eventually we will reach a point where advertising will be dignified, abstract, and totally bland, with no "triggers" (oops, used a violent gun word, delete that), with nothing that could cause distress in any living being. This screed completely passes over the deeper issue of whether non-nutritious Pringles snacks should be eaten by anyone at all.

Black tech pen ink on sketchbook page, assembled in Photoshop, 6 1/2" x 6", March 24, 2016. 

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Mike said...

Haha! I love this.
Also, I have to agree with your statement. There seems to be too many people with delicate sensibilities that need to calm down. :P