Saturday, August 27, 2016

Gameworld Family

Many of the game stories in the gaming world I worked with centered around one noble clan, named the "De La Riis" family. This was a pun on the name of the perennial performer Della Reese, active in showbiz for ages. The characters ranged through a selection of stereotypes, from the scheming cousins to the aged patriarch to the flirtatious babe, the street gang boys, devoted mother, and other rather Shakespearian types. I was asked to do an illustration of the main clan characters and put them all on one little strip of image. I used my comic book or "storybook" ink style to make it as clear as possible. This reproduction is poor as the original copy is badly preserved, stuck for eternity inside an old portfolio-book that has melted the plastic pocket together with the printing. Who knows, maybe the ink-drawn original is still extant, buried in my closet with other art works in a mind-numbing pile.

Black ink on illustration board, 11" x 4", spring 1984.

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