Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Goodbye to the Old House

The paintings were gone from the walls. The furniture, reeking of mildew, was either dragged to the truck to be thrown out or given to neighbors who would clean and renew and use it. The only thing left in the living room was the massive old TV which I never watched in the three weeks I spent there. In winter, infested with foul-smelling mice, in summer, airless and stifling smelling of mildew and dust. My father, in his endless obsession with saving money, had blocked all the windows except a few small screened openings, to stop the heat from escaping in the winter. Massachusetts only has a few hot days all year, so why air condition the whole house? One room only had a working air conditioner, though it emitted a stink since its filter had never been cleaned. There were two air fans to move the dust around. The house was neglected because my parents would never pay for cleaning or repairs until it was unescapable. 

Closing date for realtor and buyers is August 17. Then this testament to unwholesomeness will be leveled and something better for someone else will arise where it was. Memories and echoes will fly off into the sky like squawking crows, hopefully never to criticize or complain or cut with sarcasm again. 

I drew this sketch to document the emptying of the old house. I am now back in Virginia attempting to keep up with what I've missed being in limbo throughout July.

Tech pen black ink on sketchbook page, 8" x 5", July 23, 2016. Blogging now resumes.

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Mike said...

It's good to see you back. :)