Thursday, January 29, 2009

Enlil the great adept

Of all the characters I've made up (or encountered!?) in my imaginary world of the Noantri, the most memorable by far has been Enlil, the famous psionic adept (in their parlance, Theophore.). Enlil was a rebel against his aristocratic background, a wanderer, adventurer, and mystic, who ended up founding the modern Theophoric Institute at Surakosai. In his long life he did an astonishing variety of things. He was a professor of the dangerous subject of ancient history, and he was a movie player and actor. He was a diplomat and, when called upon, a wielder of devastating weapons of war. He had his hand in politics from one shore of the Middle Sea to another, but lived a reclusive life in a rustic garden. He was a devotee of an ancient religion that had been dead for twenty thousand years. And he was, until his disciple and successor changed the basis of theophorica from art to science, the greatest Theophore that has yet appeared on New Earth. He was also fascinated with volcanoes and geology, working with scientists to defend against the destructive forces of nature. Enlil, in his old age, very appropriately perished on the high edge of the crater of Mount Aitna, when a sudden volcanic blast vaporized him. 

He was famous for his bright orange aura, which glowed when he worked with high energies. In Trinacria (known to us as Sicily), where he had his homes, there are many memorials to him as well as a wide variety of souvenirs. Some people say they have seen him in dreams and visions, as if he were still alive in spirit.

Image is ink colored in Photoshop, derived from my upcoming "graphic essay" on modern architecture in Noantri World.

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