Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Undeveloped Site

The Noantri had been settled in the New World for more than 200 years when the Institute of Psionic Studies (known to them as the Theophoric Institute of Surakosai)
new campus was built. This is the undeveloped site for it, given to them by its owner as a donation. The land had been originally occupied after the Crossing by a primitive Noantri group given to low-tech feudal warfare. The site featured the remains of one of their castles. It was more than 150 years old, which by New Earth standards was quite old. In the Old Worlds, before the Crossing to New Earth, Noantri history went back more than 100,000 years, if any sort of Earth time measure could be applied to galactic history.

The blank block is for text which will appear in the final version of this graphic essay. Ink drawing, colored in Photoshop, about 5" x 4".

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