Friday, January 23, 2009

Theophoric Institutes

Two institute buildings in the country of Khemi, designed by Khemaru theophoric architect Mereth Kahn.

Isemkheb Karpes was a famous Khemaru theophore (psionic adept) of the first century after the Crossing. He developed many high-energy techniques, some of which are still used now. He built a hermitage in remote desert mountains, where his practice work would not disrupt settled areas or electrical networks. This nouetic center, designed by Mereth Kahn, is also in a remote place, privately founded and funded to continue training gifted people in a safe environment.

The Minyar institute is larger, and located in a middle-sized industrial city, Tireina. Its training for nouetics (psychics) and nouergists (techno-mages) is directed at those industries where nouergic components are used. The tower, reminiscent of an airport control tower, is used in training operations where a long-distance line of sight is required. It also is used in communications. This was the last building Mereth Kahn designed before he received the commission for the much larger Theophoric Institute of Surakosai.

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