Friday, January 16, 2009

Toilet Paper Icon is Iconic

Finally....fresh, new, soft art, ready for use! I buy only the best paper for my work. And the graphic design must be satisfactory as well. No smiling babies on plastic film to rip apart, just a cartoon of an animal (bear) who is usually fierce and wild, having a happy moment with a roll and banners. Addled with coffee, I left this package in a Starbucks and the baristas there saved it for me until I could retrieve it. 

If you find any of this funny, blame Walt Taylor of "Crack Skull Bob," whose hilarious rants awakened me to the possibility of being funny on a blog rather than pretentious.


Stephen Gardner said...

Nice on Hanna, strange but wonderful subject matter

Pyracantha said...

Please note, (I am trying to be as diplomatic as possible) that I use the name "Pyracantha" or just "Pyra" now rather than "Hannah" which is often misspelled as "Hanna." I have disliked that name intensely for all of my life (no matter how many other people think it's "beautiful") so now that I have the chance I've renamed myself for a spiny plant with bright orange berries.