Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tanheu the techno-mage

The quizzical man you see in this image is named Tanheu, full name "Tanheu Afboureh Souteth." He is an important person in my world of the Noantri, an imaginary universe that I have been making up since my youth. You will see a lot more images and words from this world on my Webspaces this year. 

I must reassure you that the Noantri world is not part of this world here. It is a made-up world. None of the people or things or places that I depict, no matter how much they resemble things on this planet, are "real" in the common understanding of "real." I am adding this disclaimer because I was astonished and embarrassed that someone I was talking to about it, thought that I was talking about something in the "real world." This is imaginary. Or perhaps better said, "imaginal," possessing its own form of imaginary artistic reality.

The Noantri universe is an "alternative universe" where things happen that can't happen in our world. Psychic powers work there, and are scientifically explainable. Most people there have some form of psychic power, even if it is modest. Some have much more, and a special group have lots and lots of powers. They are called "theophores," and they are rare. To borrow a phrase, they could be considered "techno-mages." They are trained to use their powers, usually in dedicated institutes and academies. Those who use their powers in a scientific, methodical way are called nouergists.

Tanheu is a famous theophore who is also a scientist, and he was the first in his era to re-discover the scientific basis of psychic powers. As a master of his craft, a Nouergist, he is now the director of a major Theophoric Institute in a city called Surakosai. You'll see more of him and his world as time goes on. 

I have a page devoted to the Noantri world on my main Website, and you're welcome to visit there. I will be "mirroring" that page with what I put up on this blog, so images will go up in two separate places. 

I am not switching this over totally, there will still be plenty of sketches, archival pieces, and other art by-products beside the Noantri material.

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