Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Unintentional Spaceship

This spaceship is not what it seems. It is actually an unfolded cardboard box which contained a portable hard drive. I bought the hard drive to back up my files after the shenanigans that Photoshop has been pulling. Tonight I found that many of the brushes that I thought I had lost were in a file along with the other brushes that came with the software. I re-loaded these and will sort them out. However, the brushes that I personally created and named are still missing. Maybe they are somewhere. But I am not as set back as I thought. I deployed the hard drive and now my files are stashed in something I can carry about. I am still painstakingly saving old images from slides and old music off cassette tapes. All this media recovery is giving me momentary hallucinations of memories from my previous decades. This is not so good. Daydreams are banal, but memories come back to haunt you with unpleasant strength.


emikk said...

With some work that drawing could be elevated to a doodle....a good one.

Pyracantha said...

Y'know, Emikk, I thought of your doodles when I was doing this piece. You have influence!